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How to Have a Romantic Weekend in Mentone, Alabama

Your recipe for romance awaits in Mentone, Alabama. With stunning natural beauty, historic landmarks, small-town charm, and cozy cabins, Mentone, Alabama is the perfect romantic getaway that is right in your backyard. Read further for how you can plan a romantic weekend in Mentone, Alabama.

Adventure awaits

Add a little adventure to your relationship and discover all the activities you can do in Mentone, Alabama. Unearth lush green forests, powerful waterfalls, commanding bluffs, and swimming holes in Northern Alabama’s diverse landscape. Hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, or just a casual stroll through the woods all await in Mentone, Alabama.

Overlook at Brow Park

As one of the few public places in Mentone to get a view from the brow of Lookout Mountain, the Overlook is a great spot to spend a romantic afternoon. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy one of the best dining spots in town amongst one of the area’s covered pavilions.

Or enjoy your view of Lookout Mountain from the comfort of your own cabin. Our Little Cabin on the Brow is a cozy one-bedroom cabin located on three acres of wooded land overlooking the “3-state view.”

image of little cabin on the brow

Natural beauty

You don’t have to go far to discover some of the most pristine natural beauty in Alabama. When you visit Mentone, Alabama you will find 22 of Alabama’s state parks and several others close by. From DeSoto State Park to Cathedral Caverns State Park there is no shortage of beautiful scenery to enjoy with the one you love. 

Uncover the past

Northern Alabama is rooted in a deep history that can still be seen and appreciated today. One historic landmark to add to your romantic travel itinerary is a visit St. Joseph’s on the Mountain. This wooden church with colorful stained-glass details is the oldest known structure in Mentone and a unique destination to complete your romantic getaway.

Green Leaf Grill

Enjoy a romantic evening out at the Green Leaf Grill. As a family-owned restaurant, the Green Leaf Grill serves up traditional American food such as pork chops, trout, crab cakes, and so much more in a casual yet intimate setting.

Romantic cabins in Mentone

image of suite retreat

One of the best ways to have a romantic weekend in Mentone, Alabama is by booking your stay in one of our romantic cabins, with Mentone Cabins. Choose from cabins with stunning views on the mountain edge or our Get-A-Way cabins offering a truly unique experience. With over 30 cabins to choose from you are sure to find one to your liking!